British Power International - Consultancy for the Energy Sector - Homepage

Welcome to British Power International, one of the UK’s leading power sector consultancies. We provide design solutions to power utilities and advice on electricity to governments, NGOs, regulatory authorities, and companies.

Our Work

British Power International’s design practice focuses on power system planning, design, asset management and provides associated project management, safety and quality assurance services.

BPI's consulting practice provides advice on the technical, financial, safety and environmental aspects of power generation, transmission, distribution and supply in a range of regulatory frameworks and market conditions.

Throughout our work to improve the performance of assets and organisations, we encourage organisations to look forward - to new low carbon technologies, new forms of asset management and new ways of improving the performance of people.

Our Record

We work with network operators, regulatory authorities, actual or potential investors, Governments and Government agencies, and the principal National Grid Organisations and donors active in energy. Our track record does, we believe, speak for itself - we hope you will take time to find out more by exploring our website or contacting us.

Our People

Well qualified and experienced, many of our senior team have worked as managers or executives in energy utilities. They therefore offer more than high quality consultancy advice and a proven capability to deliver projects - they bring 'hands on' experience of building, managing and operating power systems and of competing in liberalised power markets. Our younger team members are being given the same grounding.

Our team are experienced and qualified managers, engineers, designers. Our supporting professionals - economists, accountants, environmental and human resources specialists - all have power sector backgrounds, with practical experience in building, managing and operating successful energy businesses.